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Colorful Skittles

View Now All varieties of Skittles Candies – Fruits, Sour, Tropical and Wild Berry. Skittles Fruits Candy, Skittles Sour Candy, Skittles Tropical Candy, Skittles Wild Berry Candy Pouches are available at ChocoLounge. Skittles are a classic fruit flavoured chewy candy that come in bite size and are an assortment of attractive colours in a pack. […]

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Lindt Lindor

View Now Lindt Lindor Milk, White, Hazelnut, Assorted, Mint, coconut, salted caramel & more! Indulge in the smooth, rich and creamy flavor of chocolate truffles exclusively from Lindt. Through tradition and years of passion, Lindt Master Chocolatiers have created an abundance of flavors through the best chocolate truffles. Delivering a creamy, smooth taste, savor in […]

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